Friday, July 15, 2011

From Lilacs to Lilies


It's been a while.

My biggest gap in 18 months of blogging.

 In the meantime,
my lilacs, wild roses, peonies, hollyhocks and daylilies
have all bloomed.  
Have you given up on me?

 I don't really want to talk about it,
but there has been a lot of turmoil in my life and in the lives of
many Wisconsinites involved in education and/or politics.
I am involved in both.
Partisan politics has stampeded into our local level like never before. 
Civility is dead in Wisconsin.
Even our supreme court justices are at eachother's throats... literally.
There is such division.  It's depressing.

I've missed my blog, but it's true that I blog less
when I'm unhappy, stressed and worried.

Serving out the remaining 8 months of my 4th+ and last term on the school board will be difficult, but I'm sure I will get through it with the help of wonderful people, good friends, and my amazing family.  By then I will have served 13 years on the school board trying to do my best for Menomonee Falls.  Maybe that 13th year has proven to be quite unlucky.  Perhaps I should have resigned last summer as planned (to get going on my shop), but I felt sure this would be a calm, quiet year.  I could not have been more wrong.

Anyway... enough.
I am more than ready to try to get back to what makes me happy
and there my efforts will be applied before my fall flowers start blossoming.

I have been getting busier and busier in the sewing room.  You'll love the new patterns and fabrics I've gotten my hands on.  I now plan to devote every possible moment to getting as much vintage yardage stitched up into very fun clothes for my Etsy shop conversion.  Here is where you will hear about those exploits and as little as possible about being president of the school board.

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