Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pucci Style Urban Chic

Remember this fabric?
It's an early knit from perhaps the late 60s if I had to guess.
Loomskill Inc. on the selvage.  I had a very small piece of it.

A rather dramatic abstract that reminds me of Emilio Pucci designs.
Pucci is a famous Italian designer whose heyday was in the 50s & 60s.

I chose to lay out this wrap top with the front edge lined up on the border.
Could Pucci have designed this fabric for Loomskill?  Hmmm...

Take a look at this vintage Pucci scarf and handbag
from Retroshop Vintage and Couture and you be the judge.

Well who knows?  Maybe Pucci designed this fabric...
or maybe Loomskill was "inspired" by Pucci.

Either way... this is how I picture it being worn (click to enlarge).  Note the vintage photo of the woman driving the convertible on the bag -- she's probably wearing a real Pucci scarf!  And for what it's worth, I picture this outfit on the new superintendent in our school district!  She's got style.
Abstract Wrap Top - Coming soon to RubyLemons

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Missoni for Target

Loving that new Target commercial. It's so in my 1967-1974 zone!  Spy music plays and a girl sneaks around as though deeply involved in espionage - but that doesn't matter. There are zig zags, chevrons, beautiful bargello flamestitch everywhere - her clothes, her towels, her suitcase, her shoes, her rug!

Don't know which commercial I'm talking about? You can see it here.

It seems Target will be introducing a collection designed by Missoni, an Italian fashion house popular since the late 1950s for their colorful, patterned knitwear.  They've timed the launch of the line with New York's fashion week.  The collection will be available for a limited time only.

You gotta love it...  especially the bike.

I'm inspired.  Maybe I'll put aside what I'm currently working on and whip together some Missoni inspired clothing.  I've got a few pieces of vintage fabric that seem to fit the bill.

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