Monday, August 10, 2015

All Good Things...

As the old saying goes, "All good things come to those who wait."

It must have been Breaking Dawn part I.  Yes - the timing would be right - November 2011.  A group of us had made it a date to go to the midnight premieres of the Twilight saga movies.   A fun girl thing.  

On this particular premiere night, we had a little time to kill and met at my house where the group gained access to my sewing room whereupon was spied some of the clothing I was trying to create and accumulate for the opening of my clothing-made-from-vintage-fabric Etsy shop.  

Those of you who have been readers of this blog (both of you - you know who you are... ha ha), know that I have struggled with time/focus/perfectionism to get it all going in my Etsy endeavors.  Anyway, at that time, I had decided to repeat what I did with my 90s business, Vintage Generations - only online.  So, it was ever-present in my mind that I HAD to get a dozen or so garments ready in order for my shop to have enough inventory, right?

And this was taking me for-ev-ver!

Enter my friend, Karen, on premiere night.  When she laid eyes on a little yellow eyelet shirt, apparently she was smitten.  With me, I always think people are just being nice and complimentary, so I wasn't sure.  For both you past readers, you may remember me blogging about the history and creation of said shirt and the post about how I would wear it.

Well, Karen - a woman of action, grabbed the hanger, disappeared for a moment, and returned wearing the shirt and belt much to the oohs and ahhs of all.  She looked great in it and it looked great on her.  Much better than it would have looked on 16-year-old Kathy in the 70s!  She wanted to buy it on the spot and asked me to name my price, any price.

Oh how I regret hemming and hawing and hawing and hemming.  Yes, it went on for awhile... in fact years!  I needed inventory to start my stupid shop!  Karen got pregnant.  I hemmed and hawed.  (What is hawing, by the way?)  Karen got pregnant again.  I hemmed and hawed.  By this time, I had decided to just GIVE her the shirt since my aforementioned time/focus/perfectionism was starting to steer me in another direction for the shop, but Karen got pregnant yet again!  Holy moly!  She was building a dynasty of beautiful little girls!

Well, as I said before, all good things come to those who wait and for those who have waited for this blog post to end, you will soon be rewarded as Karen FINALLY was about two weeks ago when I actually let her pry that shirt from my cold dead hands.  Ha - no I'm not Charleton Heston, I just finally gave it to her!

(Cue Hallelujah Chorus)

And she looks mighty fine in it.  Meant to be.
Sorry I was such a slug about it, Karen.
And thanks for the gorgeous DLB Gemstone necklace!
(You didn't have to, but I'm glad you did!)

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