Monday, April 15, 2013

My Scottish Fling

Well, I did it.
I packed up, got on a plane, flew over the Atlantic and went to Scotland!
I really did... and lived to tell. 

While waiting for my first grandchild to arrive,
my son Lars, his wife Spring, their friend and vintage queen Máiri and I
went shopping on fashionable Byers road in the West End
of Glasgow near their apartment.

If you poke around in the alley ways, you can enter one shop and exit another.
Diagon Alley?  Here's a very pregnant Spring entering a place called, Relics.
I don't know how my son ever discovered these shops... 

...which could take a hint about merchandising.

This one is pretty neat, but in some shops,
stuff was precariously piled so deep and so high
there was no way possible to get to it.

Some beautiful reclaimed tile.

I was always on the lookout for vintage fabric which was quite scarce.
Here is a 36" wide piece for 14£.

Oh, and I almost wept with excitement to actually see some Charles Rennie Mackintosh architecture and interiors!  Actually, I did start to cry at the Mackintosh house on campus.  I couldn't believe I was really there!  A wonderful tour led by Nigel, a wonderful guide.  Here is a lovely wardrobe designed by Mackintosh.

A gorgeous light fixture found in the entrance hall.  
Not only did I see the Mackintosh House
on the University of Glasgow's campus,
but a sweet new Scottish friend, Karen,
actually took me somewhere that exceeded
my wildest dreams in Helensburgh...

 One of the crown jewels of the Mackintosh experience! 
The Hill House!  OMG!  I studied this place in college!!!

And, I got to see a Hill House Chair IN THE HILL HOUSE!!!
(Ok Kathy, take a deep breath...)

I was also excited to see my son's university.
What a beautiful (I think I can safely say, ancient) campus.

Here he is leaning against the cross vaulted arches
in the walk-through between centuries old courtyards
in the oldest part of campus.  Positively medieval.

Last but certainly not least and most important of all - the whole reason for my trip - my new granddaughter made her entrance into the world halfway through my visit.  Perfect timing.  She's beautiful.  It was almost impossible to leave her.  But! On the bright side, I will see her in six months when all the Scottish adventurers return to America!  Until then, thank goodness for Skype!

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