Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful!

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for the following announcement:


The predictions were coming in all week - it was going to be a dumper.  Eight inches, ten inches, fourteen inches - blizzard warning - state of emergency for the entire state of Wisconsin!  The grocery stores were crowded, the salt trucks were loading up, and the school superintendents were starting to shake in their winter boots because they get angry parent calls if they do close school and angry parent calls if they don't.  They can't win.

The snow started falling yesterday afternoon and by evening it was a winter wonderland.  Here's the view out my front door at 11 p.m. when my husband and son were down the street helping a neighbor dig out his truck that was stuck.

I've never seen a stuck city plow, but that's what's happening in this picture.  It's heavy, it's wet, it's bending over the trees and bushes and causing havoc with the power lines.  It's backbreaking to shovel and clogs the snow blower.  And it's not over.  In a couple of hours the temperature is predicted to drop and the winds will pick up - with gusts of 50 mph.  Shovel heavy wet stuff now or chip at crunchy ice later - your choice.  My choice?  Bake cookies.  It's a snow day tradition.  (Maybe I'll get another post up about the gingerbread house contest, too.)

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  1. I'm glad Utah's snow is so dry, that sounds awful. :)


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