Sunday, July 8, 2012

Purdy Pert Pirt

Ok, so I know we once had a discussion about the sizzler, but have you ever heard of a "pirt?" No? Neither had I until the other day when I bought this Butterick pattern at an estate sale. 

 When I read the back of the pattern, I saw the word.
We can only assume it is a combination of
"pants" and "skirt" --- PIRT!  Why, of course.

Were there other pirt patterns out there I wondered?  By the way, I wouldn't suggest googling the word "pirt."  You will only find a bunch of nude and semi nude people in saunas.  I don't even want to know why.  However, if you google "pirt pattern" you may actually find a few pirts of the clothing variety.
It looks like something that Laura Petrie would wear
while planning the latest variety show fundraiser.

I think this passing fad might have hit
a decade too early for me to have worn.

Besides, so many layers...
but definitely a way to look more ladylike in shorts.
If that's what you're looking for.

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