Monday, August 6, 2012

The Din From My Fabrics

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Vintage fabric talks to me.  Yes it does.  When I come across a three yard piece of vintage 60s daisy covered cotton, it shouts, "Make me into an A-line dress!"  Or a piece of 70s decorator fabric might say, "I want to be a granny chic pillow."  A piece of vintage bonded gold velour recently suggested, "Isn't it time you made your husband that replica of Captain Kirk's uniform - original series, of course?"

And well, you know... once the fabric starts talking to me... I have to buy it.  Thus explains the gajillion yards of vintage fabric in my house (I can no longer limit that statement to just, 'in my sewing room').  It's almost a problem.  My family might say it already is.   But I digress.

Back to the fabric.  It talks to me.
These next pictures represent recent conversations.

This 38" rayon wants to be made into this dress,
but maybe the sleeves will be cut off into a short bell
with a contrasting black yoke and belt.

I call this the "Luck fabric" with it's ladybugs, horseshoes, elephants,
shamrocks, #13, and palm reading.  It's a 40" wide rayon and
told me it wanted to be this little number.

This sweet 28" wide striped cotton wants to be a
waisted 50's dress with an accent belt of... red?

Oh yes I do.  I definitely listen to polyester double knit, too.
I don't discriminate much when it comes to cute vintage fabric.
This quaint flocked gingham print knit fabric
knew it would be perfect for this early 70s Butterick dress.
Maybe with red topstitching.

It was a recent conversation with this feminine 30" wide cotton.
I think it wants a contrasting rose colored collar.

This sheer dotted swiss and early 70s decorator fabric teamed up
and have been thinking about this 1970 dress
but maybe with short sleeves.

This 36" cotton plaid wants to be that 1967
A-line dress but with a lace collar please.

And last for today's conversations, this liquid and fluid
1940s or earlier 40 inch wide rayon with strange Qs on it longs
to be a flowing dress like this one... but maybe a bit shorter.

Yes, everywhere I go vintage fabric talks to me.
Do you agree with my vintage fabric and what it wants?

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