Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Novelty of It All

Talk about thrift store scores! I recently purchased two very kitchy, very cute cocoa colored novelty prints at my favorite resale shop a few weeks apart.

 The subject of the first novelty print is bowling.
4 yards of 35" cotton.

Back in the 50s when I suspect this fabric was made,
bowling was HUGE!

Need confirmation that it was the 50s?
Check out the names on the scorecard.
Charles, Alec, George, Tom and Bob...
...could have been one of my dad's leagues back in the day!

 The second novelty print depicts outer space.
Almost 2 yards - 38" wide.
Probably meant for curtains or comforter with the huge repeats.

 The first lunar expedition.
Little did they know the actual first lunar landing
was less than 20 years away!

 Spacewalking with satellite equipment.

 Piecing the space station back together?

 Looks like an Estes toy rocket.

 Another 50s fabric for sure.  Check out the diagram.
I think I need a frenetic stabilizer or a dual magneto. 

 Forget about NASA - we were the United States Space Force!
 Happy landing!

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  1. The "United States Space Force"!! hahaha love it :)


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