Monday, May 4, 2015

I Finally Got My Groove On!

I should have posted a long time ago.  I finally opened my second Etsy store.  Six months ago.  I know.  Would it have been so hard to create a little blog post about it?  I mean, afterall, this is what I've been working toward for a long time, right?

The answers to those questions are no and yes.  

In my defense, running the shop has kept me busier than I thought it would and life continues to steer me down a difficult path.  Oh, but I don't want to go back to that!  Who wants to hear it!?  Nobody.  Let's talk about my shop.

I named my shop Groove Cloth and it opened with 325 items for sale including vintage fabric, patterns, trims, buttons, notions and even some things I've created myself.  It's been very difficult to keep my inventory above 300.  Whew!  It's hard!  In fact it's dwindled to about 250 right now, but I continually try to bring that number up.  In my first six months of operation, I've had 190 sales (make that 191) and I'm very satisfied with that.  With my other shop RubyLemons, working as a teacher's aide, and family --  I don't want to be much busier!  

Anyway, I enjoy running the shop and try to include all the extra touches to give my customers great service.  It's also been good to start chipping away at my hoard even though it's not easy to tell anything's been sold at all when you peek in my sewing room.  

It's a grand feeling to reach a goal and finally get my groove on!


  1. It’s great to hear that you are getting into the groove of things here, and are mobilizing your online platforms properly. You don't really need to pressure yourself with the numbers. Just continue to put out quality stuff and provide good customer service along with it, and everything will line up nicely. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to post updates about your shops, and congrats on reaching your set goals! Cheers!

    Ann Boone @ Apex Business Team

  2. Your shop is wonderful! Wow, so many're my hero. Lol
    Trying to get back into the swing of things, myself, as you know. ;-)
    Hopefully I'll be able to maintain the motivation. Thanks so much for all of your encouragement and inspiration!

    1. Well Kimberly, you know how I feel about your vintage fabric awesomeness. You inspire ME and I'm relying on you to keep it going, so find that motivation and keep up the good work! We can both do this!


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