Monday, June 7, 2010

Shelf of the Week - White

Here it is.  The final shelf of the week.  White.  This was the last phase of the great sewing room reorganization -- refolding all the fabrics.  It has been a process of rediscovery and realization:  I rediscovered many long forgotten, cool fabrics and I realized that I HAVE to use them or lose them.  I have committed to converting my Etsy shop to handmade garments made from these vintage fabrics using vintage 1950s-70s patterns, too.  I am very excited to actually start selling something creative in RubyLemons.  But, I digress -- shelf of the week.  White.
The shelf had turned into a mess of ribbons, laces,
tablecloths, tea towels and hankies.

Now everything is neatly organized.

This was a fun rediscovery - birds on a medium weight cotton.

A huge-scale tropical barkcloth.

A 60s pique featuring 5" daisies and bouquets of daisies.  Yards and yards.

Four aprons.
I like the one featuring sewing tools and tape measure borders.

Is this a kitchen print?  Very 60s.  Lots of wrought iron.

Here's a barkcloth that I found in a basement shop of the Milwaukee Antiques Center on an early 90s scouting trip with my good friend, Mary. A number of curtain panels were stuffed in a box under a dark stairway.  Some of them were in bad shape, but some were like new.  I didn't really like the print at the time, but now I love it.  I'm thinking late 50s.  The picture represents a piece 16x24".

50s kitchen towels.  How 'bout that vaudeville guy and the can can dancer?

Barkcloth yardage in a fairly small all over print. 

Another barkcloth with chartreuse and red roses.

I decided to centralize all my 50s tablecloths in one location on the white shelf.  Most of these I'll have to sell because I won't cut them up unless they're too stained or damaged to use on a table.  I'm much more of a purist than I used to be.  Maybe somebody else will actually use them instead of let them sit on a shelf in a sewing room like me.

Well, that's it for my shelf of the week features.
I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my vintage fabric! 


  1. Now that you are done sorting etc, can you please explain what "barkcloth" is to this non-sewing brain of mine?

  2. Amy - and I know it's you. Sorry, I just saw this. Barkcloth is a heavy, somewhat textured (like bark) woven cotton fabric with mostly large prints that was extremely popular for draperies from the 30s-60s.


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