Thursday, June 3, 2010

Evidence - a Day in the Life

Yes, it's true.  I have been side-tracked from my blog lately.  With the arrival of four additional family members (loved, but additional) to our home in the last month, things have gotten a little... busier.  The house is hoppin'.  The noise level has risen.  The fridge is emptied faster than the room clears when the chore chart is announced.  Aahhh... just kidding... sort of.  It's so much fun and we had been coping with one bathroom until... the water heater blew.  Thanks to Uncle Fred, the master plumber, the nasty business of ice showers is no longer a problem.

I didn't realize how quiet the house had gotten with only one 9th grader at home.  Now we have added to that:  one piano performance college sophomore to be, one International Relations/Japanese college junior to be, and two graduates heading for their year in China with the Flagship program.  We've got everyone until sometime in August.  Until then it will be a fun ride.  I thought I'd share with you, blog reader, one day's photographic evidence that it's not just mom and pop at the homestead anymore.

Brightly colored size 13 shoes, slippers and man-purses.

"Ripped!" and pilates dvds.

Strange Asian art propped on the bookshelf.

Things in Japanese I can't read.  Yo yos.

Stashed sports equipment.

Insanely hard piano music.

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook.

Asian condiments.

Turbo Jammers every morning at 10 a.m.



Watching Japanese TV dramas on laptop.

Sound barrier breaking piano pounding.

YouTube escape in his favorite vintage K-Mart tee.

A quieter evidence.

Sewing room turned music studio.

Last evidence:  Dad's increased napping.
Sweet dreams, Daddio.


  1. Fun post!!! Loved seeing all the chaos!

  2. Glad to be home! Love you mom :)


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