Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wedding Decorations - Chanel - Part 2

Jordan - Jordie to those of us who have known her since she was a little girl - is as creative as she is beautiful.  Her idea of a decor theme for her wedding was Chanel.  As in Coco Chanel, mid-century iconic French fashion designer.   Jordie was the mastermind behind her wedding decorations assisted by her mother's (my good friend, Brenda) production skills and creativity.  All I did was sew the straight lines to put the grosgrain ribbon on the table squares (see previous post).  So, what made up the Chanel design at Jordie and Stuart's wedding?
Diamond quilted satin chair covers - very Chanel.  Add a tulle bow.

Black wrought iron, pearls...

gold, bows, damask...

tassles, glassware...

Put it all together and you have gorgeous, Chanel inspired tablescapes.

A beautiful reception...

 for a beautiful couple!
Congratulations Jordie and Stuart.

1 comment:

  1. Those decorations are absolutely GORGEOUS! Congrats Jordie, I'm sad I couldn't be at the reception, but it looks beautiful. :)


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