Wednesday, September 8, 2010

June Would Be Proud

No, I admit I'm no June Cleaver, but there's just something about an apron.  I always fancy myself sporting one while I cook and bake, but I never actually do.  I even have cute vintage examples hanging on a hook in my kitchen, but if I was honest I'd have to admit they're more for decoration.  

In my fabric stash, I must have 50 vintage aprons - mostly bought for the fabric and usually in various stages of wear.  Recently though, I found two aprons in absolute mint condition that I couldn't possibly cut into.

They go over-the-head, almost like dresses.

Pristine and starched 50s era beauties.  Never used.

The best part are the details like rick rack trim and the stitched twice over top stitching.  Even as cute as they are, I tell myself that I'm a believer in form following function so I'm determined to overcome past practice and wear the apple one, get it dirty, wash it, use it.  Channel June.  Think June.  BE JUNE!

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