Saturday, September 4, 2010

70s! Far Out!

This summer I found many yards of vintage fabric
on a roll at St. Vincent DePaul thrift store.  

Not just any fabric, a 70s fabric -- quintessentially 70s.  
Danish modern, earthtones, layered lines - all the earmarks.

And there was proof on the selvage.

Remember 1976?  We drove cars like this...

 ...and went to movies like this...

...and high school juniors looked like this.
Can you guess which one is my husband and which is me?

Flashy interiors looked like this.

This retro t-shirt perfectly captures that 70s design style - available from ISO50.

Definitely a Danish influence to my 70s fabric.

This vintage 70s wallpaper is available through Secondhand Rose.

One of the many 70s fabrics available through Classic Modern Textiles of the UK.

Can you dig it?  Right on, baby!


  1. Hey Kathy - I hardly remember you looking like that! Is that a slightly vintage Farah look there?? Two great looking people!

  2. Awesome fabric! Or should I say, Groovy! :-)
    Great find.

    ha, Logan's Run...loved that.



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