Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I did sew a little bit this summer...

I thought I'd have all this time to sew this summer.  I admit, it was tough to concentrate on sewing with all the kids home.  Yes, I was very busy, but I accuse myself of not focusing well and it seems I could easily be distracted from one thing to another day after day.  Anyway, I'll save my therapy for another day, but I want to report that the summer wasn't a complete sewing loss.  I made a few things which are now being saved for next spring's RubyLemons offerings.

Here's a top that I started for myself in the 70s.  It's been cut out all these years, stashed in my closet, and rediscovered this summer during a cleaning binge.  Here's the funny part - the fabric was cut out with pattern pieces still intact, but the envelope and instruction sheets were no where to be found.  So I winged it.

 Of course in the 70s the top was paired with a big full skirt and a white chintz cummerbund type belt.  I wish I could remember what the ensemble was supposed to look like.  I'm sure it was intended to be some walking through the meadow on a spring day with a straw hat number.    To update, I chose to contrast the bright sunshine yellow eyelet with turquoise -- using 60s fish eye buttons and some woven 70s flower trim made into a belt with 'wood' buckle.

Adorned with the vintage turquoise rick rack, the peter pan collar is sweet.
Now, what to do with that previously cut out full skirt and cummerbund belt...?

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