Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sweet Fabric

Bought some vintage plisse fabric the other day.

 Love the dancing Pennsylvania Dutch people... loads of that one. 

 Along with those, I bought a one yard piece of this sweet little baby print.
It is only 34" wide.  I'd say 50s or probably earlier.  Love the characters.
Love the use of the gingham pattern in everything.

 Humpty Dumpty


 Wiener Dog

Kitty Cat

Chick?  Duckling?
Webbed feet say duck - beak seems to say chick.
How about a combo... chuckling!
(Wouldn't want to try it the other way...)


  1. Ha ha! I wish there was a specific reason to grab baby fabric... but no, there isn't. It was just cute and vintage and I, unfortunately, need no other reason to buy fabric.

  2. Love love love it!! Awesome find! Tammy


Lemon tree very pretty, and the lemon flower is sweet-
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