Thursday, January 13, 2011

There's a Pattern Here!

The new year's a great time for setting goals and getting organized, right?  I started the ambitious project of organizing my mod sewing patterns last fall - not all my patterns, mind you, just the ones considered candidates for my current sewing interests for RubyLemons (my Etsy shop that I am trying to get serious about!  Another resolution!).  I am really stuck in between 1967-1974 right now.  I am totally into that era... but I digress... organizing patterns.

Even though we're not talking about all my patterns, still, it's about 175 of them and what a drag it is to dig through all those patterns every time I'm looking for this dress or that skirt.

A while back I noticed that one of the system updates for our computer allowed files to be shown in a different way.  Pictures of the files appeared and could be shuffled through as each file was highlighted... just like the iTunes music artwork... if you know what I'm talking about... maybe it's just a Mac thing, but it's cool.  Files or photos can be organized like this:

As you click through the files, the picture of the file swings to the forefront of the screen... which I think is very cool and makes it very easy to locate a pattern.  So, I took photos of all my patterns - cropped them and organized the jpgs into files like this:

Now I can easily search through all my patterns in seconds!  Need a jacket or coat?  Click click and voila!  There it is!

Then I just have to go to my pattern bins in my sewing room and grab the pattern where it is filed in numerical order.  I love it.  It makes everything so much EASIER!  Hooray for efficiency!

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