Friday, May 13, 2011

For the Love of Buttons

I've had a bin that's been filling up with stray cards and
vintage buttons picked up here and there
at thrift shops and estate sales... be later sorted into mason jars like these on shelves

Yes, I did reorganize my buttons and 
got them off my window sills and into pint and quart jars
in my glorious closet of (usually unfulfilled) efficiency!  

Jars full of buttons of every color and type...

 large mother-of-pearl, medium mother-of-pearl and small mother-of-pearl...

 ...shoe buttons, pink buttons, itsy-bitsy pearl buttons,
clear yellow buttons, rhinestone buttons, red buttons,
cream buttons, cloth buttons, calico buttons...

Then I just happened upon an estate sale on Lake Five the other day... 
and bought some buttons.  There were also some amazing mod 60s fashions, 
but really overpriced... for an estate sale. 

Anyway, one day I just started sorting buttons
into piles on my sewing room bed.  Lots of piles.
Every time I passed the sewing room door,
I'd stop in and sort a few more buttons.
Snatches of organization in otherwise chaotic days this spring.

Piles of gray mother-of-pearl, cloth, tan, red,
vegetable ivory, purple, blue, green, pink, brown and more.

And now a jar just for toggles, too.  :)

Happy button hunting, organizing and SEWING to you!

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