Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ghosts of Easter Past

What I'm really loving about this Easter picture of my brothers, sister and I are those very cool, snappy white Texas blazers and narrow dark ties my brothers are wearing.  Pretty cool.  And they actually look proud to be photographed in them.
The sisters get equal strut time two years later on Easter Sunday 1965.  We are awfully proud of our Easter hats, full skirts and white gloves.  And I'm really tripping on that cool paisley print my sister is wearing.  I wonder what color it was?  How I'd love some of that yardage now!  Brad and David are synchronized in their head tilting "Aw, do I hafta get my picture taken?" pose or maybe there's a breeze blowing through the new house in Wisconsin.  Who knows?

Here's to your Easter finest.
Happy Easter!
p.s. I'm trying some silk dyed eggs as I write this.  
I'll post some pics if they turn out.


  1. I remember a brown background and gold paisley. Loved that dress! And I remember the white one too. Those circles on the bottom reminded me of Easter eggs. They were all multi colored and festive looking. Love you and miss you Kathy. Have a wonderful Easter.

  2. Wow...I was hot back then too!

  3. I'm sure the previous comment was left by one of my brothers and probably my oldest brother, David.


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