Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beam Me Over Scotty!

I'm going to Scotland in a week.  I'M GOING TO SCOTLAND IN A WEEK!  This is a big deal for me, a homebody who has never even left the country.  It's true.  I'm quite content to stick around home.  Bucket list?  There isn't one.  My greatest travel aspirations might include road trips around the country to see the national parks.  That would be nice.

But my children are very different than me.  Well, at least two of them... so far.  The two oldest.  They get around.  If you have read my blog from the beginning, you know those two boys have lived in Taiwan, Japan, China, (Utah) and now, you guessed it... Scotland.  Glasgow to be specific.  My oldest and his wife (front center and front left in this picture of my family) are living in the West End for a year while he gets a masters in International Politics-China at the University of Glasgow.

And yes, said university looks like Hogwarts to me.
Well, it WAS founded in 1451.

Anyway, something happened last summer and now there's this...
And that's why I'm going to Scotland in a week.
Yes, my first grandchild.

A pale, blond or red headed, freckly baby girl should arrive
about the same time I do... keep your fingers crossed. 
Knock on wood.  Say a prayer.  Whatever works.  

My plans in Scotland are to be a homebody there, too.  
I need to take care of the new mama so she can take care of her new sweetie pie.

No other big plans while I'm there...

Ok... maybe I could sneak out for a little while and see this:
I mean... it's located right on the university grounds.
I'm talking about The Mackintosh House, a reassemblage of interiors
from one of my favorite architects, leader in the art nouveau movement,
and legendary Glaswegian, Charles Rennie Mackintosh!

 Among his gorgeous designs:
The iconic trademark Mackintosh rose,
the 1898 Argyle chairs and the famous 1902 Hill House chair (center)!
I used to have a Mackintosh Rose poster up in my kitchen in Provo
when I attended BYU for Interior Design back when this boy I'm visiting was born.

So, it's meant to be.  I need to sneak over there...
...and maybe on the way I might come across a thrift shop or two...
or a fabric shop here and there.

There's a Cath Kidston in Glasgow.
And not that I've been cruising all over the google map of Glasgow
and obsessed with street view and checking out fabric shops called
Timorous Besties, Mandors, Remnant Kings, or Zum Zum...
or thrift shops with fascinating names like
Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor... but, I digress...

We'll see about all that.

First, I need to concentrate on someone who
I used to think would someday look like this:
An early Victoria magazine picture cropped from an article about something vintage that I loved back in the 90s.  This beautiful little girl, whoever she is, is all grown up now.  I used to think if my son and his wife had a daughter, she might look like this.  But now I think she'll be even more fair and more blond.  We'll see, won't we?

Until then,
Cheerio and Haste Ye Back!


  1. I'm so excited for you going to SCOTLAND!!! And I hope you are able to check out the unique fabric stores, etc. :) Sounds really fun! Say hi to Spring, Lars and the new little one!! :)

  2. Will do, Chelsea! And then we come to see your senior recital at BYU!!! Can't wait! I'll have to do a blog post about it! :)


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