Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Once Upon a Time, I was a Designer

I am unearthing more long forgotten possessions while cleaning out my sewing room closet.  By the way, it is a large closet.  I live in an old house and this closet could be a small bathroom.  And that closet was stuffed - literally.  When my oldest son and his wife came home for Christmas last year, we put a bed in the sewing room and shoved all manner of things into that closet, pushed a bulletin board up against the avalanche and heaved the door closed.  Everyone was directed not to open that door on pain of death.  While I am cleaning out the closet, the contents have filled the rest of the sewing room.  I should have taken a "before" picture.  You would have been disappointed in me.  I am ashamed.  However, I am making progress towards an efficient, highly labeled and sorted, organized closet.

Anyway, I digress.  What was I talking about?  Oh yeah, long forgotten possessions.  I found my markers from college!  My Prisma Color markers used for my design projects that stood upright in a neat little spinning carousel.  Every Interior Design major was required to buy a set.  I think they were around $70 back then.  Smelling their marker fragrance as I opened the caps to test them transported me right back to the early 80s at BYU.  Six of the markers actually still had juice!

Finding my markers took me on a mini reminiscence.  I wanted to see my renderings from college.  I knew they were in the back of my bedroom closet in their large black portfolios.  I dug them out. (Another closet to be cleaned.)  They were a little water damaged from when the roofers didn't tarp the house well enough during a rain storm, but that's quite another story.  Anyway, there were my projects.  I remember many a night burning the midnight oil to meet a deadline drawing at my drafting table while my roommate slept.  I photographed some of them to share with you.

A monochromatic project... a kitchen on plain old fodder.

A more traditional sitting area.

A formal dining room sketch in pencil.

I loved this house.

A living area in that house.

A converted shed in chalk and marker.
Looks like a place my artist, garden-loving, mother-in-law would like.

I don't remember doing this sepia of the house where we lived in college.  This was an old four-square on the corner of 5th west and University Avenue.  Our apartment was the upper right portion of the building.  Two apartments on each floor and one in the basement.

With this project, I tried to go against type and do something ultra modern.  Is the grey and mauve color scheme a dead giveaway that it was the mid-eighties?

A ski lodge... see the white snowy mountains out the window?

The kitchen in the ski lodge.

A country townhouse.  In the 80s, American Country was starting to take over.  Everything was Nantucket and stencils and grape vine and mini print wallpaper.

Gotta love the "Lotus" chair in pencil.

And if this doesn't scream 80s, I don't know what does.
Busy, busy, busy.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane with me.  It was fun remembering those long lost projects.  And lest you think I am an artist - which I most definitely am not - these renderings and elevations were drawn with the help of a perspective grid.  There are lots of tricks that they teach you in school.

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  1. This is my all time favorite post Kath! I am newly impressed with you skills. Makes me want to go back to school for interior design... or photography, or law, or psychology. If only I could make up my mind! AWESOME RENDERINGS!


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