Friday, September 18, 2009

Vintage Generations

I used to make clothes out of vintage fabrics back in the 90s.  Area stores would sell them on commission.  I still have a room full of vintage textiles... and buttons... and trims... and lace... and ribbon... Anyway, I was smart enough to take a picture of everything I created. Good thing, because just now when I was looking through the pictures, I hardly remembered making some of these.
The buyer for the store never let this little cropped shirt (back side pictured here) even get on the rack.  It was made from an old abandoned embroidery project dating back to somewhere around 1920. The collar was leather with beaded trim.  I wouldn't usually cut things up unless they were damaged - at least I sure wouldn't now.
This was a cute little school girl style dress made from some vintage yardage - just a lightweight cotton.  I like the contrasting belt and neck ruffle from the rose fabric.
I had forgotten all about this one.  The fabric was kind of like a shantung - a little shiny with horizontal slubs.  I think it started out as a bedspread.  Love that 60s look.
Hard to tell, but this was a high waisted slip of a dress with criss-cross straps in the back made out of an old rayon that was as strong as the day it was loomed - probably in the 40s judging from the very narrow width of the fabric.

The name of my business was "Vintage Generations."  I used to sew every afternoon while my baby slept (Yep, Chelsea-the same one that just left for college).  Sometimes my mom would come over and we'd gab and sew and gab some more.
This long vest was made out of several doilies stitched together with crocheted flowers with vintage buttons in the centers on the lapel.  I think it could still go today... don't you think?
Oh yes, and I wouldn't have been worth my vintage salt if I didn't make a bunch of stuff out of old barkcloth draperies.  By the way, they're not called drapes.  Indeed, I can still hear my English accented interior Design 101 teacher, Mrs. Riggs, my freshman year:  "Never say drapes.  Drape is a verb.  The things you hang on your windows are drapeRIES!"
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