Saturday, February 6, 2010

Time for a Treasure Hunt

I've always had a penchant for creating family traditions.  The Shurilla Family Valentine Treasure Hunt is one of those.  The treasure hunt began for my husband before we had kids.  This year will be the 27th annual hunt, the participants are dwindling, but the hunt will go on!
Keaton is a big fan of the hunt because he's a bigger fan of candy.  Yes, we have definitely been bad parents in the candy department.  And why, for that matter, does every holiday have its' own special candy?  We are a candy society.  I will add that the last few years, I have also included non-candy items at my daughter's request... but she's at college this year, so we're probably back to candy.
The Valentine's treasure hunt works like most treasure hunts.  The fam starts off with a clue that leads them to a place in the house where there will be goodies stashed with the next clue or just the clue if the hiding place is too small.  They continue on until they reach the last stash.  The end.  Not too hard... or is it?  I am always amazed at how the clues can confound my loved ones.  Easy for me to say, I wrote them.  Some years the clues rhymed, but most years they are just very punny.  Here's one from years past that absolutely stumped my husband.  Let's see how you do - leave a comment if you figure it out and we'll pronounce you unbelievably clever!  Here's the clue: "The visiting place of a stranger's hand every day of the week but one."

I loved the days when the kids were little and you'd hear them call out, "I found it" from some place in the house.  Or when I'd declare that somebody was getting "hot" and everyone would stampede toward that kid.  They'd insist the clues be brought back to the kitchen (home base) before anyone was allowed to read them.  And then they had to take turns.  And then I'd give hints to the ones who weren't getting in on enough action.  And then the oldest would dominate or give in so the younger ones could have the joy of finding the next clue.  And then... memories are made.

Traditions - it's the glue that binds families together.


  1. I pronounce Barb R. unbelievably clever!

    That's what you win. Don't you read the fine print? You've been reading too many prize giving blogs.


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