Saturday, February 27, 2010

Two Trios

They are a blast from the past.  Pyrex bowls and those mushroom canisters.  It's strange for me to grasp that these are collectible again.  I found both sets in perfect condition while thrifting the other day.
I disliked (trying not to say "hated") those canisters - my mother had them when I was a teenager.  My  parents seemed to buy a lot of their home furnishings from Sears.  This was the Sears "Merry Mushroom" line.  My mom still uses her "Merry Mushroom" pans which are a lovely harvest gold.
Pyrex is again drawing attention.  This is a set of mixing bowls in the Butterprint pattern.  From Country Home Magazine: "Ubiquitous in the 1950s and 1960s, vintage Pyrex mixing bowls, refrigerator sets, and casserole dishes are seeing a huge surge in popularity since they’re inexpensive, durable, easy-to-find, and retro-mod."  Pyrex is so hot as a collectible, it has even spawned a blog called, "Pyrex Love."

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