Monday, May 31, 2010

Shelf of the Week - Gray

Some people will be relieved (my sister, Barb) that next week will be my last shelf-of-the-week feature.  Yep, my fabric shelves will all be reorganized with white next week.  This week's color is gray.

Disheveled grays.

New and improved, organized grays.  YAY!

A vibrant, large scale barkcloth with an unusual texture - almost like a fused knit.
Those flowers are at least 10" across.

A nice medium weight woven.

A plain weave floral with a big 30" repeat.

A stylized geometric barkcloth in chartreuse, green and rose.

A barkcloth with a scene showing a fence, well and bucket/jar.

Another scenic barkcloth disguised as a floral.  This print features Grecian statues, architecture and the red seems to give it a touch of Asian.  That will do it for my gray highlights - hope you enjoyed them. 

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!  I'm off to make Belgian waffles for the fam and then we walk a block to watch our little local Memorial Day Parade.  Have to see the clown on the bike with uneven wheels, the musket-toting mountain men, and the Shriners on go-carts... and of course, my son in the marching band on trumpet!

Later that same day...
Chelsea, Nate, Trent, Lars and Spring at the parade.  Trent found a big piece of chalk in the grass and directed the paraders where to throw their candy.  It worked.  They pulled in quite a haul this year!

Keaton (center), Daniel(left) and Devon (2nd left) on trumpet.
The following picture needs no explanation.
 Hope you had an inspiring Memorial Day.

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