Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Buttons

I've had a history of making Christmas decorations out of buttons... and since I have several big jars of mother of pearl buttons, I've used them a time or two.  Here's a felt wreath covered with tiny shell buttons.  There are also a few gold victorian buttons sprinkled in.

This is a small ornament made from two inch and a half pierced shell buttons mounted on a foam core disk, wrapped with a ribbon around the circumference and decorated with gold beads affixed with gold pins.  I made a bunch about 20 years ago and this one survives.
Here's the front and back of an ornament made from a huge covered button and trimmed with ribbon, cording and smaller buttons.  Although I once made many ornate and embellished victorian style ornaments of this type, this one is covered with a vintage 50s kitchen print.

Here's a button decoration contribution from one of my children.   (Kids, if you're reading this, which one of you made it?)  A Christmas tree banner decorated with all kinds of buttons.  At the hanger you'll find the largest button I've ever seen - a ginormous three inch carved mother of pearl beauty.

An old "feather" tree made many moons ago out of a vintage wooden spool,
straight pieces of wired evergreen, and a dowel.   

  Glue gunned old buttons all over it.

Crowned with a clear celluloid button trimmed with a now oxidized copper star...
somehow, I haven't really gotten tired of my button tree yet.

Last of all, I'd like to introduce you to the button man.  He's been hanging around our Christmas tree for a couple of decades and we all like to style him in flamboyant poses.  Made from stacks of buttons on wire with a wooden button hat, he seems to have a French flair about him  Pierre, the flamboyant button man says, "Joyeux Noël!"

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  1. I have a few of those ornaments on my tree this year! I also have a button man from many years ago that I think you gave to me!~


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