Wednesday, December 15, 2010

School Board Shooter

We interrupt this happy Christmassy crafty sewing blog to bring you this post:

Haven't mentioned it too much lately, but many of you know I serve as the president of our local School Board here in Menomonee Falls.  I just have to say that the story of the gunman shooting at the school board members in Panama City, Florida absolutely sends shivers down my spine.  

Unfortunately, this unhappy man took his own life, but thankfully, no one else was injured even though he shot his weapon 14 times!  We've all seen the video and it's inexplicable that he missed these people when shooting at point blank range.  Here's the part that's scary for me and many other school board members around the country.  We've seen this guy in our meetings.  People just like him.  Angry people who seem desperate and feel helpless against the system and taxes.  People who are so agitated that I've thought if they had a gun, they might use it. 

Since yesterday I've read that many school boards are reconsidering safety measures at their meetings.  Some already have metal detectors outside their meeting rooms.  Ours have always been wide open and on at least one occasion in the last few years some of us thought there was going to be an "incident."  Perhaps there is some solace in our school district's new partnership with our village government and the recent location change of our meetings to the village premises... just down the hall from the police department.

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