Sunday, December 12, 2010

Meet the Flockers

So, when I was a kid, your typical "flocked" Christmas ornaments
held no special fascination for me. 

But, as I have grown more and more intrigued with all things mid-century,
I am gaining a new appreciation for these simple beauties.

I couldn't begin to tell you what I endured to get these awesome baubles.  Let's just say the man working at the antique store that day was unquestionably too sick to be taking his shift.  (A story too sordid to put into print.  Suffice it to say, these were thoroughly decontaminated upon arrival home.)

I smell a new collection coming on with these nursery rhyme ornaments.  I don't think they're very easy to come by, but I did see one the other day at the antique mall - Little Boy Blue - tucked in a box full of boring ornaments for $24.  Sorry Blue.

Finally, some flocked ornaments
off my husband's retro white tree -- 
all bearing the simple messages of Christmas wishes.

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