Friday, February 4, 2011

Her Nickname...? Piano Pounder

She came.  She pounded.  She conquered.

 My 19-year-old daughter flew 1200 miles home this last weekend
sponsored by the Wisconsin Philharmonic.

She brought fellow BYU piano performance major and accompanist along.
Forrest is from Seattle.  We Packerfied him.  Ahem... but I digress.

She played the Prokofiev.  Insanely hard.  She won.
She'll be playing this piece with the Wisconsin Philharmonic
in an October concert here in southeast Wisconsin.

Here's a little bit of the beginning from a practice session.
The whole piece is 15 minutes long.
She has it memorized which always amazes me.
Everything about her piano playing amazes me... but I'm the mom.
(Keep in mind that Forrest, as accompanist, is playing something
that resembles what the rest of the orchestra would be playing.)

OK, I'm being the mom here again,
but for you music lovers out there, here's the grand finale.

Thanks for letting me brag a little.  I'm a very proud mom.

I usually stick to my creative pursuits in this blog,
but perhaps my children are my best designs of all - no doubt.
(p.s. the beautiful portraits were taken by Jenni Gilbreth)


  1. Wow! What an amazingly talented daughter you have!
    Brag away...she deserves it. :-)


  2. ahh mom!! bragfest!! yikes but thanks :) love you too.

  3. Wow Chelsea! and to think that I used to listen to you play via the phone when I called your mom. Kathy, I want to see this next October. Let's get a group together!

  4. Such a bright, beautiful, young talent ! Congrats to you Chelsea on winning! I'll have to be sure I get to see that performance as well!


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