Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Just Being Childish!

Maybe it has something to do with me becoming a new grandma,
but my last four vintage fabric finds have been juvenile prints!

I think this first one is the oldest - the look, the feel, the faded fold.
For some reason, I want to say 1930s.  Could it be?

 Cupid bear is holding a 30's-green bow and arrow.
The girl's eyes seem Betty Boopish to me.
Look at the stockings and shoes.
36" width - four yards - cotton

Next is the kitty, sheep, goats, bunnies, ducks...

...but mostly kitties print.  I'd say early 70s on this one.
36" wide - 5 1/2 yards - cotton

This one is the mystical Marco Polo fabric!
How do I know it's the great Italian explorer of China - Marco Polo?

 Not because the drawings look like Marco sporting his favorite Tartar outfit...

It's all because of the wonderful information found on the selvage!
And you know how I love selvage information!
There are about nine yards of this 36" Little Golden Book Fabric.
Love the robin's egg blue.  

Maybe my Mandarin-speaking,
China-dwelling son would like this fabric for my new grand-daughter's nursery...

And if you're as curious as me, you would google the selvage-mentioned 
Marco Polo Little Golden Book and find out it was published in 1954.
So this fabric is from 1954 and the book is for sale on the internet.

And finally, we have this sweet yarn ball playing kitty,
hat-wearing, butterfly eating, ducky marching print. 
Seems kind of 40s-50s to me.  Maybe I'm wrong.
I have only a couple yards of this 36" width cotton.

 Lots of room for imagination in these sweet prints.

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