Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rag Quilt

Of course I didn't finish my baby gift until the day I left for Scotland!
I guess it's just my style.

I was inspired by one of my contacts on Flickr (Nesha's Vintage Niche)
and decided to try a rag quilt of vintage chenille.

 You know the old saying, "Measure twice, cut once."
Well, laying it out helps me visualize before I start cutting.

And a lot of cutting there was!
I cut my squares 5" to get finished squares of 4".
In retrospect, I should have made them more like 6" or 8".
Smaller squares = more work!

My backing was a soft flannel.
Put the squares back-to-back and sewed my X.
Even inserted strips along the border to give my edges
similar thickness to the rest of the seams.

Once all the Xs were sewn
(and don't underestimate how long that wee little step takes 99 times),
I laid them out to make sure the pattern was what I wanted.

Finally, assembling the squares!
And breaking needles on those thicknesses!

Better have sharp scissors to snip these seams!

 Before washing. 
Especially if you make this out of chenille, be ready for FLUFF EVERYWHERE! 

Then you wash/dry, wash/dry, wash/dry!
I did this one three times and I'm sure it will continue
to lose threads when washing and drying in the future!
Clean the fluff from your washer, your sink, and your lint trap!

But it does turn out to be a soft, sweet fluffy blanky.
For a soft, sweet bunny baby.
Miss her sooo much!

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