Sunday, March 28, 2010

New & Now & Hip & Retro

OK, I know I've been missing in action lately.  Either it's a busy stretch or I'm going to have to choose between serving on the school board and RubyLemons.  
I've got the itch big time to get sewing again and sell my stuff on Etsy.  And the word, "mod" just keeps coming up in my head.  I have the urge to sew mod clothes - kinda like Marcia Brady meets Mod Squad meets Mary Tyler Moore.
I'm collecting fabrics again... knits and those 60s and 70s prints that I shunned twenty years ago will work perfectly for these patterns.  Double knit, too... making a comeback in retro funky styles.
Oh, the ideas never stop.
Now if only I had the time to bring them to life! 
The key will be not to just sew up 70s outfits with 70s fabric.  No.  Each one will need to have a twist that says loud and clear that this piece of clothing is new and now and hip and retro.

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