Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Yep, you guessed it!   I made bunting... or flagging... or pennants... or whatever you call these colorful decorations.   I see them online a lot and creative Etsy types are making 'em like mad.  Here's what I did:

I went through my vintage fabrics and gathered a bunch of reds and yellows - the colors for my niece's wedding shower.  I quickly made a pattern and cut up the fabric with a rotary pinking blade.

I made red pennants...

...and yellow ones.
I had to supplement with a few purchased fat quarters.
Can you tell which ones are new?

And I cut some red and yellow pennants.

Soon I had a pile of double sided fabric triangles
ready for binding.

About time I used up some of those old calico bias tapes I have.

I stitched the tape on top of the triangles with the raw
edges even - leaving an inch or so between each flag.

Then I flipped over the bias tape to the other side
and stitched the length of it.  Easy to make for sure.

They looked festive against my sister's carriage house.

Yeah, sometime I'll blog about my sister's 1905 Bed and Breakfast.

Here's my niece, Amy, getting ready for guests to arrive.
Sunflowers were used to brighten up the tables.

Here's some family... Spring (daughter-in-law), Sarah (sister-in-law),
Brianna (niece), and Chelsea (daughter). 

The giant hydrangeas were in full bloom... but I digress...

Here's Amy with her maid of honor and sister, Lauren.
Congratulations Amy and thank you Lauren
for throwing such a fun party!

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