Saturday, July 3, 2010

Three Sheets to the Wind

One of the blogs that I read is called "True Up" -- a blog about fabric.  True Up has a feature called the Daily Swatch where a different genre of vintage fabric is highlighted and readers are encouraged to share pictures of their textiles that fit the category.  Sometimes the genre might be a motif from bicycles to birds or a type of fabric or pattern.  Right now they are doing a Daily Swatch on vintage sheets.  When I thrift shop, I usually don't purchase vintage sheets unless they are crisp and new.  I am pretty picky about the fabrics I use to construct clothing.  I want new old stock.  NOS.  Sheets have been slept on for years by Lord knows who.  I have seen Etsy shops that feature adorable dresses made out of used sheets.  There is a sheet craze going on.  Those vintage patterns are fabulous and girly and fresh, however I have to be pretty tempted to buy a used sheet.  Call me finicky.  The picture above is a NOS sheet.  It was brand new and crisp and white and wonderful - yet I could tell it was old.  It has a tag with the name "Carlin."  I plan to make a lovely 50s style border print dress out of it.

The above sheet was also brand spanking new - yet old... by Bibb.

OK, here's an example of an old sheet I just couldn't resist because of the pattern.  It was only a dollar and I LOVED the big 6-8" flowers.  So early 70s.  I had no idea what I would use it for when I bought it, but I am now using it for purse linings.

Another NOS purchase, a pair of Springmaid pillowcases still in the package.

These were two pillowcases and yes, they are used.
I don't know how old either, but I loved the colors.  Montgomery Ward.

Here's yet another used linen purchase... but really - look at those colors.  This was a Pepperell pillowcase and it has to be pre-1965 when Pepperell became West Point Pepperell.  Click on the picture to look close up and you'll see how these lovely colors and roses are finely printed.  Couldn't resist for 58¢.

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  1. I'm the same way, Kathy!
    The only vintage sheets I buy are the ones in their original package or with the tags still on.
    They have to be very special for me to buy used.

    Oh, and I LOVE True Up, too.

    Kimberly :-)


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