Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fantabulous Knits!

Ok, I admit it.  When double knits rose to meteoric popularity in the early 70s, I was as interested as anyone else.  That was before they conjured up the image of a grandma in a coordinated, belted lavender pantsuit.  

Here's an unusual 70s piece with tags still intact that someone
once snapped up at a "fantastic riot sale" at Minnesota Fabrics... 

Yeah, I remember that blue floral "maxi" dress I wore to my brother's 1975 wedding (hi Dave) and it was full fledged polyester double knit.  That's me with the high forehead - my sister Barb on the right (also in double knit - I'm telling you, it was everywhere!).  Oh yes, I admit it.  I must not have been adverse to double knits at first.  After all, it was the new miracle fabric, easy to sew, didn't fray, kind to the figure, easy to wash and never needed ironing.  Double knits were used for everything from women's dresses to men's suits.

Alas, synthetics fell out of favor in the 80s and 90s when we all became fiber snobs and chintz and 100% cotton ruled.  Lately, there's been a return to stretchy, clingy, funky, who care's what it's made of single knits and I think the prejudice against double knits might also fade away.  I've been taking another look at them.  Of course they aren't so easy to find, but patience at the thrift stores will yield a few goodies... and I've got plans... mad, mod clothing plans.

These are a few of my recent thrift finds and all polyester double knit.  

My vision hasn't completely crystallized yet,
but I am seeing mod, London, Twiggy, 1968-1972
skirts and jumpers with contrasting trims and pockets.

Or if some are stretchy enough - leggings will be fun and funky.  

Oh yes, I have ideas.  Stay tuned.

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