Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Proud of All Our Boys

The weekend seems like forever ago to me now.  (It's been a busy couple of days.)  But I don't want to neglect a shout out for some of my boyz who performed well over the weekend.  First, nobody can do a "pompous, whiny, ninny" like Frank Burns as well as my son did in the high school's version of M*A*S*H.  Lots of fun to see Keaton lose his marbles on stage... "Quack?  QUACK???  I'm a CAPTAIN, not a quack!"  Here he is with his Uncle Tooky and Aunt Rosebud who came to see the show.  Congratulations to the whole cast for a fun adventure.

Another group of boys who performed well this weekend were the members of the Menomonee Falls High School Football team who left it all on the field at Saturday's Wisconsin State Championship Division One game at UW-Madision's Camp Randall Stadium.  They were amazing, but [sniff] lost to another amazing team - Marquette University High School. 7-0.  A tough game played by two tough contenders.  Congratulations to Coach Baker and all the team members for a wonderful year - no regrets.  True champions.

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