Thursday, November 12, 2009

Speaking of Mid-Century...

I'm kind of wild about this 8" x 22" bent glass, gold leaf serving tray I found out thrift shopping the other day.  It's so 60s.

I could just see it on a dark walnut Danish Modern dining or coffee table at Christmas time filled with candies or nuts.

It really reminds me of the style of Georges Briard, but those pieces are almost always signed.  I plan to sell it in my Etsy shop (which will be opening any day now).  I hope I can part with it.

Then, what should happen a few days later?  I DID find a real Georges Briard bent glass serving tray.

This one, about 10" square, was also a gold leaf design, but with butterflies and the glass had a pebbly finish on the underside... and it was signed.

I heart 60s glassware!

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