Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tear Down This Fashion! 1980s - yikes!

OK, maybe it was the Berlin Wall that Reagan requested to have torn down, but he really should have declared war on the fashion trends of the 80s.  I was stripping some old Victoria magazines recently and I found the fashion ads so humorous, I had to save some of them.  (This is one of my problems: saving things like old magazines that I once ADORED and can't part with until I look through them one last time and strip out any pictures that might still possibly inspire me...)

I'm inspired by this outfit.
Inspired to laugh until my sides hurt!
Could these shoulder pads be any bigger?
Maybe she's in football training.

OK, the cute guy who is actually not even looking at the lady in red (ooh, wait - that song was from the 80s, too - Chris DeBurgh, where are you?) is the mover (piano mover) and the girl with the Walkman striking a very natural looking pose is... the shaker!  Remember all the colored nylons of the 80s?

Consoling each other:  "I'm so embarrassed to wear these mom jeans, aren't you?"  Pants to your waist.  What a novel idea.   Everybody wore them - not just the moms.

My daughter doesn't even know where her waist is.

Three words:  chaste, lace, waist (just cinch it).  Believe it or not, women could actually dress modestly in the 80s and still be in fashion.  Big permed hair was all the rage, too.  Wait, weren't these the three vampire nymphs in Bram Stoker's Dracula that I saw for Halloween?

These girls look a bit apprehensive.  What are they looking at?  The arrival of the fashion police?  Or is Sally Jesse Raphael coming to get her glasses back?

Here's a young couple reminiscing over the old diary they found in her childhood hope chest.  "Dear Diary:  Someday I'll meet the man of my dreams and he'll be wearing acid wash jeans, a pastel sweater and permed hair."

Can't touch this!  It's Hammer time!

Romance was big in the Victoria magazine of the late 80s - flowered dresses, straw hats, french braided hair (never could do that).  Grown, adult women even wore dresses like this back then.

Oh yeah, I found tons of ads promoting these dresses.  I think we all wore them.  We may not want to admit it, but we did.  Oh, the pain... the pain of those dad-blasted drop waisted dresses.  Who could wear them?  Certainly not we pears!

Yes, indeed - this gal is thinking, "Sure, you may be laughing at me with my shoulder pads, cinched waist and overly cuffed cuffs - but give it 20 years and take a look back at what you're wearing now.  Then we'll see who's laughing."


  1. hahaha so sarcastic! I love it. and I know where my waist is for the RECORD. I personally hope 80's fashion comes back in to style. ;)

  2. What are you doing up at 5:35 in the morning???

  3. I composed the post yesterday and set it to publish this morning at 5:35. That newfangled technology. I was sound asleep.

  4. Ha! A fresh interpretation looks much better!


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