Sunday, September 13, 2009

The "Shrugero"

It's not really a shrug and not really a bolero, so let's call it a shrugero. For the last few days I made a shrugero for a friend who needed to get a little more coverage than her wedding dress offered. The top layer is organza and the underlayer and lining are taffeta. She really wanted ruffles on the sleeves -- let's call them sleevelets since they don't even extend to the entire armhole. Hey, I think I'm inventing a whole new sewing vocabulary!

By the way, I call them "rumba ruffles." Figuring out how to add these and crop the regular sleeves to these little caps was an adventure in inventiveness. Anyway, these little cuties doubled the time it took to make the whole shrugero... but they were worth it. The bride loved them. They also echoed the organza ruffles at the hem of the wedding dress. The big day is next Saturday and Rachel will look beautiful in her shrugero with the rumba ruffles on the sleevelets.
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  1. Wow! I love that... I'll be visiting your Esty store soon! Hope you blog helps in your success!

  2. The jacket turned out great Kathy! You did a wonderful job!


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