Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Daughters and Daisies

My daughter left for her freshman year at college a few weeks ago.  (That's one of the reasons I have time to start a blog, but we won't go there right now.)  The last few weeks before leaving, she sorted through all her belongings right down to her overflowing "memory box" and although she left her bedroom somewhat clean, it still looked like a strong wind had blown through leaving various broken jewelry, papers and other discarded "debris" in it's wake.  Anyway, since she left I've been in her room a few times to straighten up and subject myself to the emotions that grab at a mom's heart after a kid moves out.  She is my one daughter.
I remember when we painted little daisies all over the walls of her small bedroom.  She wanted cobalt blue for the background and I was amazed how good that looked next to the old prairie style shellac woodwork with the orange undertones.  

The daisies were only about an inch across and nothing spectacular with pink, green, purple and yellow centers.  It took a long time to get the daisies placed correctly and involved hanging diagonal lines of string and lots of measuring (measure twice, paint once) so they were properly spaced and didn't disappear into the ceiling as the eye followed them around the room.  
There was a lot of trial and error and one wall had to be completely repainted.  As with all things, it was a lot harder than it looked.  
When she wanted to change her room to black and hot pink with musical notes only a few years later, I put her off.  No way.  Didn't she remember how hard it was to do the daisies?  Well now she's gone to college 1500 miles away and the daisies are still here.  They remind me that there were times when it was very hard to raise a teenage daughter, a lot of trial and error was involved... but like the daisies, the end result was worth it.  Miss you Chelsea.
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  1. You're making me cry Kathy. Now I really miss my girls. Very sweet story.

  2. It's always a bitter sweet moment when our girls leave isn't it?? YEAH!! I get to do whatever I want with her room... and Waaaaah.... I just wanna snuggle up with my girl, watch a movie and eat chocolate ice cream. We moms- we all go through it Kathy. Take some time to sit in that cobalt blue room with the little white daisies that took so long to paint and just enjoy the memory. It's those simple things that make life worth the effort.


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