Monday, September 21, 2009

Wall Candy

For what seemed like a long time during my teenage years, the main wall in our turquoise kitchen was decorated with an orange fishing net. My mom had strung it up in sweeping fashion and tangled and dangled various ocean shells and starfish in it.  At the time I don't think I appreciated the artistic and complementary color scheme of the orange and the turquoise or the sentimental use of those shells collected along the beach in Florida where my mother's parents lived. That wall decor was creative, personal and colorful, but I don't think I appreciated any of it.   I remember asking my mom one day how long she was planning to keep the orange fish net up.  Her reply?  She said, "It's so hard to find something that I really like... something that I want to look at every day - I don't want to change it too often."
That's the way I feel about my soda bottle vignette in my kitchen.  It's been there for a long time, but I'm not tired of it yet... at all.  I love my soda bottle vignette.  My kitchen is kind of 50s diner modern.  I have three Stewart's Key Lime soda bottles in an old wooden Pine River cheese box next to some Davy Crockett Fire King pieces.  I like the complementary color scheme of the green against the red.  By the way, Stewart's Key Lime is very yummy.  We used to drink it every so often and just replace it with three new bottles until Stewart's changed their bottle design and it didn't look so vintage.  So these bottles have been there for years.  I'll bet all the fizz is gone by now.
 And even though Disney came out with it's Davy Crockett series before I was born, I still grew up knowing that theme song by heart and watching Fess Parker as Davy on Sunday night's "Wonderful World of Disney."  The Davy Crockett plate, bowl and mug are sentimental.
I never get tired of my kitchen wall decor.  I think my kitchen wall is creative, personal and colorful. and I don't plan on changing it any time soon...  which proves I am my mother's daughter.
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  1. I am REALLY enjoying your blog!!!!!

  2. Come on Kathy... "Fess" up! Davy Crockett is sentimental to you because he wore a coonskin hat and was King of the wild frontier... right??

  3. Maybe Davy Crockett is sentimental because I am a Texan... or maybe it was that pouty lower lip... or maybe his backwoods country charm. Ha! Not.

  4. I liked his hair. hehehehehe.......


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