Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lost in a Fabric Coma

It has been three days since I posted.  Those three days have been filled with the other side of my brain activities (other than watching a few episodes of The Office.)  I have been helping my sister with the books for her Bed & Breakfast (Honeybee Inn - check it out online).  Anyway, I have been entering receipts and I need to get up there to Horicon and do some more today.  Yesterday I spent almost the entire day on school board stuff... meetings and a lot of talking on the phone to put out fires and explain things.  I just kept being taken from one thing to the next.  There's always something controversial in the school district.

This morning, once I decided to make a blog post and started sorting through some fabrics and pillows, my brain just shifted.  For the last three days I kept thinking that I should do a post, but couldn't think of anything.  Now that I am in the creative zone, I can think of a hundred posts.  It's kind of like that left brain - right brain test they have on YouTube.  The spinning woman - which way is she turning?  One day, my daughter and I actually saw the spinning woman reverse directions before our very eyes when we started thinking math problems... it's freaky.  Try it.
So that's what I think happened to my brain this morning.  It switched from left to right when I dug out this box of fabric scraps from my sewing room.  I am cleaning out my sewing room - an endless task.  My mother gave these quilt scraps to me when she was cleaning out her sewing room.  We come and go, but stuff goes on forever.
My mother, the famous labeler, enclosed this explanation for the origin of the scraps.  Her Aunt Eunice was quite old back in 1979.  I can tell these scraps span decades from the early 1900s (at least) to the 70s.  Once I started digging in them, I lost it.  I soon entered a fabric coma.

I laid out some of the blues.
Pinks - aren't they cute?
Greens - see the seven dwarfs?
Yellows - some look modern, but they aren't
Reds - not so easy to find
Purples - what to do with all these fabrics???
Turquoises - infinite variety

Help, someone send the fabric doctor!  I'm lost in a fabric coma!  These combos only started to scratch the surface.  I could have kept going.  There are hundreds of fabrics in that little box - each one more interesting than the next!  Oh it feels so good after all the bookwork and meetings and emails and phone calls.
And my favorite piece?  For today (yes, today - it might be a different one tomorrow) for today, it's this little beauty which looks to be from the 30s.  I'm a sucker for red and turquoise.

OK, that's it for fun - gotta get up to the B&B and do the books.

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  1. Love the way you grouped those color together Kathy. Are those scraps big enough to quilt?


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