Thursday, January 14, 2010

Let's Call This Meeting to Order - Ribbons

I'm accustomed to calling meetings to order for the school board... but something else in my life needs to be called to order -- well, lots of things, but today I'm talking about my ribbon pieces.  I think I have my spools of ribbon in reasonable organization, but those dang cut pieces are spilling out of the containers I have them in.  A couple of my favorite blogs, Little birdie Secrets and True Up have been talking about organizing ribbons and other fabric stashes and they are inspiring me to do something about my ribbon pieces.

In general, my ribbon spools are organized on this dowel frame - a built-in behind my sewing room door.  Some of the dowels are used for ribbon and some of my lace pieces are draped over the rest.

The dowels work very well and the ribbons were in color order -- at least until my husband moved them around.  Even with oak, the dowels were sagging too much and he suggested putting the old heavy cotton grosgrains nearer the ends.   It worked - duh.  However, if you are planning to organize a dowel situation for your ribbon spools, keep the weight in mind, don't cut the rods too long, and use oak dowels.  These are 33" in length.

I have ALL kinds of ribbon,
but some of my faves are the very vintage...
such as this purple frayed edge satin number.

The star here is the unassuming
peachy pink silk in the middle.
It's nothing gorgeous, but I like it
because it's so old (or sun damaged)
that it can be torn with ease.

Another senior citizen:
the brocade, picot edged ribbon in the middle.

Yep, the spools of ribbon are not my problem.  They stay in pretty good order and I can always convert more lace dowels into ribbon dowels if I need more space.

It's these bad boys I need to figure out.  Ribbon pieces.  Striped ribbon, velvet ribbon, polka dot ribbon, picot ribbon, satin and grosgrain - they are outgrowing the confines of the vintage plastic cases they are stored in.  Mind you, these are C-R-A-M-M-E-D in.  You are looking at pounds of tangled ribbon.  I saw one suggestion to wrap them around old clothespins - the ones without hinges.  I like that idea, but the clothespins themselves will take up too much space.  Maybe I should start with just rolling them up and pinning or paper clipping them.  There are people who organize much better than I do -- Any ideas for my ribbondanza?

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  1. I put my ribbon scraps in big gallon jars and seperate them by color. they look great sitting out on the desk or table. You could also use a 3 roing binder and ziplock pages and seperate by color again. I'll keep thinking.


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