Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Scarfin' it Up

No, that is not the theme of my Christmas vacation... or wait... maybe it was.  But, that's not what I'm talking about.

I'm referring to something I've been working on lately -- T-shirt scarves.  I've decided to sell them in my Etsy shop.  Everybody's wearing scarves these days - quite the fashion accessory.

At the same time, it seems in recent years every time your kid turns around in school or out, they have to ante up for a t-shirt.  From sports to clubs to contests to camps or conferences - it seems the event is always commemorated by a t-shirt.  These shirts really become childhood souvenirs in a way.  Several years ago, I saw a quilt made from old t-shirts.  It was a keepsake that I thought was pretty clever.  Not to mention, it was a good recycling project.  Since I saw that quilt, I've been saving my kid's t-shirts when they don't want them anymore.  I keep a scissors in the laundry area and I just cut off the logo or design.  The pile of t-shirt scraps has been growing.  The quilt would have been cool, but a lot of work.  Instead, I decided to make a scarf for my daughter for Christmas.  I pieced together her old shirts that were bright and more on the cartoony side.  The scarf turned out cute and best of all... she actually liked it.

This is the scarf, but this isn't Chelsea.  By the time I thought about getting a picture, she was already heading back to college.  Thank goodness for good friends and good friend's kids who are good sports.  Here's my friend Brenda's son, Trent.  He's pretty stylin' in the t-shirt scarf!

Claire's lookin' pretty sweet, too.

And here's big sister Jordie sporting a different scarf
I made for my daughter-in-law.

I swear, she should go professional.

So, I was thinking that maybe I would offer to custom make these for anyone who'd send me their t-shirts.  It's an idea.

Today I made one more out of maroon and grey t-shirts from my older kids' high school years.  Go Falls!

I like it the best so far.
I can wear it to school district events.

Here's Keaton stylin' the Menomonee Falls High School Scarf.  He's another good sport.  What other projects could we make from old t-shirts?

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  1. What great kids! I love this idea Kathy! I think it is a winner for sure.


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