Monday, January 18, 2010

Teacher Inservice Day

Today is our school district's annual mid-year inservice day.  Traditionally, I share a message with the teachers and I did that early this morning.  I usually stay up late the night before working on my message.  I speak to the teachers three times a year and always worry that the teachers won't "get" the spirit of my message.  Even though I get positive feedback, I worry about the most cynical teachers.  I worry that my message won't be inspirational.  I worry that I will sound preachy and annoying.  After all, I'm not a teacher and I really haven't got the blood and guts picture of what they face on a daily basis.  I know it's harder than I can imagine, miss-pie-in-the-sky-clueless-school-board-president.  Oh well.  I'd at least like an "A" for effort -- wait, that's right -- they don't give effort grades anymore.

We are officially half way through the school year and the school board has been working on some big issues.  Either I'm getting older and wimpier or the issues are getting tougher and more intense.  Probably both.  Education is changing and needs to change even more rapidly.  Our Director of Learning shared a short video this morning.  It illustrates how quickly the world is changing and how those who want to ride the wave need to stay on top of the information explosion.  Warning!  If you are of a "certain age" or if you have not had coffee this morning, you will want to prepare to read fast and keep one finger on the pause button because this video moves quickly - only reinforcing the point it makes: our kids are learning in a whole new world.

Content by XPLANE, The Economist, Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod and Laura Bestler. 
Music by DoKashiteru, "Home Tonight."

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  1. Wow . . . and I feel like I am behind now!


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