Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mad about the 60s

I sold this set of vintage jelly jar glasses the other day from my Etsy shop.  The recipient asked that they be sent as soon as possible Fed Ex overnight air.  Checking the location, the buyer was from L.A. - the Property Master of the AMC drama, Mad Men.  That was interesting.  In my email conversations with Ellen, the property master, she said these glasses might appear in the third episode of the new season (4).  How fun!

Mad Men is a TV drama set in the early 1960s about the competitive life of Madison Avenue advertising.  Look at those clothes!  Look at that set!  I missed my calling in life - I should have been a set decorator!

I will be producing clothes much like these (with a contemporary twist) from Mad Men when I convert my Etsy shop over to hand sewn clothes using my vintage fabric this summer.  L-O-V-E them!!!

I swear I have this very fabric and pattern!  I want to watch the show just to LOOK at everything.  The early 60s is my favorite period right now.  The new season will be starting up sometime in July.  Hopefully we'll see my glasses on a home bar in the third episode!

P.S.  I Mad Men'd myself on their website


  1. I have some of these glasses! Can I ask you what you sold them for? I have 8 and I have no idea what they are worth.

    1. i am interested in them, contact me at, if you still have them

  2. Hi LeAnna, I checked back in my Etsy shop and it shows that I sold the set for $18 even though they were authentic with the cut glass starburst on the bottom. I think I would sell them closer to $30 if I had them now. Good luck!


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