Monday, May 24, 2010

Shelf of the Week - Brown

We are nearing the end of my "Shelf of the Week" series with the brown shelf.  I've already blogged about the reorganization of my pink, blue, yellow, red & purple, black, green, and cream vintage fabrics.  The only remaining groups are gray and white, but today I will highlight some of the fabrics on my brown shelf.

My browns were getting mixed in with the nearby grays and greens.  I actually got rid of a couple old and decrepit pieces - which proves I can part with my fabric... some of it, anyway.

 Ahh, take a breath -- so much better!

There were still some interesting pieces like this old narrow yardage with bursts of turquoise and pink roses over larger silver shadowy outlines of flowers.

A heavy chintz.

A 50s cowboy print cotton.

This is an unusual eyelet with 2" amoeba shapes.

A fun 50s barkcloth with touches of gold and turquoise.

A crisp, heavy cotton featuring a Jacobean style print rounds out some of the fabrics on my brown shelf.  Two weeks left of "Shelf of the Week."  After that I have drawers, bins and boxes full of hankies, laces, trims, ribbons and buttons - but don't worry, I won't go on and on.  It's time to start showing you what I'm makin' with this stuff!  Happy sewing!

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