Monday, May 3, 2010

Shelf of the Week - Yellow

My yellow shelf wasn't as interesting as I thought it would be.  How's that for an enticing beginning?  Let's see if I can do better...  My yellow shelf held exciting treasures from baseball players to cherries and feather plumes.  Better?  

I guess what I mean is, my yellow shelf didn't harbor any unexpected delights.  I pretty much remember all the pieces that I found there and many were solids... yet there were some that are worth mentioning.

How about this early barkcloth with graceful plumes of mauve and teal feathers?
I have loads.  I'm thinking it's from the late 30s.

I only have about a yard of this cotton canvas - but I wish I had more.
I love the late 60s early 70s look and colors.  Those flowers are 3-6" across.

OK, I had forgotten about these.  Mary Engelbreit would love this never used but old cotton tablecloth and four napkins.  So cute.  I can't and won't cut it up.

Love this happy little 36" width calico.

This is an old cotton bedspread and these
St. Louis Cardinal little leaguers are about a foot tall!

A beautiful late 30s early 40s barkcloth.

Another rose covered cotton tablecloth.
I also have this same cloth in pink and blue.

Next week I tackle the double shelf of off whites.
There are a TON of barkcloths. 

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