Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mod and Feminine

These old Butterick patterns I recently bought are speaking to me.  

I'm still feeling the mod vibe... don't you just love that attached belt that goes around back criss-crossing and buttoning?  I think when I make it, I'll scoop the neck just a little more... maybe.  What do you think?  Solid color or all over floral?  Texture?  Two fabrics?

At the same time, I'm also feeling a bit of the wistful femininity of the crinoline puffed and fluffed skirts and dresses of the early 60s.  Love that midriff that gets wider at the side seams.  I want to make this in a crisp white cotton with orange border print flowers - maybe an exposed orange metal zipper going right down the back.  I'd also choose the diagonal overlapped front and put three jeweled buttons for closure?  Or maybe three funky orange shaped buttons...  Hmmm... thinking... thinking...

The good news is I'm almost ready to crank the sewing machines up... in their new location - my bedroom - for the summer.  Just a last bit of organizing and set up yet to finish.  Can't wait!

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