Monday, May 17, 2010

Shelf of the Week - Green

The green shelf was mixed up with the grays and the browns and half the fabrics were dumped down behind, but now all is well again.

The greens are nicely folded and separated on the top two shelves of my crummy particle board unit.  The greens yielded some interesting treasures.

36" cotton

Forest green, teal and rose barkcloth from the early 40s.

A crepe, satiny, rayon - I'm guessing from the 40s.

Giant feather plume barkcloth.

The coolest, crunchy crisp, cotton with gold splotches.

A barkcloth featuring odd English scenes...

and furniture.

Love this medium weight woven from the 60s.  This is the one that I previously mentioned reminds me of the dress fabric worn by Betty Draper in Mad Men.  See below.

A loud medium weight from the late 60s -- early 70s?

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